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Granted 5 major maintenance errors

Error: air conditioning not cool, some fluoride deficiency

myth: in the summer, some owners find car air conditioning is not cooling, take it for granted judgment for "air fluorine deficiency", directly open to the depot or roadside repair shop, request to add fluoride. Meet responsible maintenance in the 4S shop master, also check step by step if some roadside repair shops, the problem will not only fail to solve, the more "cure" disease more.

Solution: be sure to go to the regular repair and maintenance experts make the right decision.   Blindly fluoridation, fluoride exceeds the standard in the air conditioning pipe, pipe pressure also rises, it makes the poor system of cooling air conditioning not cool.

myth: oil your good

myth: some owners think it no good goods cheaper, so when choosing a lubricant that the more expensive the better.

Solution: in fact, oil is not the more expensive the better, and choose their own models and seasonal oil is the correct approach. Good lubricating oil viscosity according to SAE  and API quality levels to choose from. With "SAE 10W-40" for example:SAE  refers to the viscosity level, w means the oil suitable for winter use, w in front of the smaller figures, illustrate the fluidity of the oil as possible, lubricate better when cold start; figures behind  10, 20, 30, 40  refers to the viscosity of the size, the higher the number, said high temperatures high viscosity. Oil change in summer, behind the number the larger the oil is a good choice, as more than 30.

myth three: air conditioning cycle in the switch lock

myth: some owners will cycle air conditioning switch always in position, in fact, the way some defect, regulation of air conditioning with temperature and the environment may be.

solution method: started engine Hou,  best running a few minutes Bell Hou, first open blower, and open window ventilation, stay car within temperature slightly drop again open air conditioning, to reduced engine and compressor of load; first using car within cycle,  makes air quickly cooling,  driving a time Hou, stay car within temperature and car outside environment temperature roughly flat, again using outside cycle, can keep car within of air fresh.

myth four: when washing your car, conveniently burst condenser

myth: while washing the car, some owners, washer with water cannons by the way ilovejun condenser and the water tank, clean it of dust and debris.

Solution: clean up itself is right, but this hasty approach is not quite proper. Should use a compressed air, cleaning dust on the surface from the inside out, clean foreign bodies such as leaves and catkins, and then rinse with water pipes from the inside out, the condenser and thoroughly clean the water tank.

myth five: summer must lower tire pressure

myth: in fact, more dangerous high tire pressure low tire pressure. Because the tire pressure is too low, to increase the tyre contact area with the ground, when abnormal increase of temperature inside the tyre. Meanwhile, serious sidewall deformation, wire, cord inside the aging, rapid increase in speed will make the tyre temperature caused a flat tire, and fuel consumption increases, reduced tire life.

Solution: the owners are best advised to large and normal tire shop, tire and spare tires filled with nitrogen. Nitrogen is inert diatomic gas, chemically inactive, low thermal expansion coefficient, low thermal conductivity, temperature changes, volume expansion is far lower than that of air, reducing the chance of puncture. Nitrogen-filled tires deformation and grip while improving, reducing rolling resistance and lower fuel consumption.  

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