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Inexplicable power turn off power

Letter from Miss Wang said car inexplicable power, you don't know how to begin to look into the cause and hope experts give some tips.

expert answers: car power refers to shut down the engine and power equipment, lock the doors, the driver no longer used vehicles and battery electric. Chronic consumption of the car batteries are weak, cause the vehicle to start can often bring great inconvenience to the owner.

modern circuit complexity of vehicles, electrical equipment, such as audio, alarm, Central locking, electric Windows, and so on. The electrical equipment, while the ignition switch is off, there is still power and, therefore, find the vehicle power, should first figure out what electrical ignition switch is turned off after a power supply, and then ruled out one by one.

shut down the engine, stereo, air conditioning, pull the hand brake, close all doors, the front engine cover, trunk lid, observation instrument panel has no lights, in the absence of light, the battery positive terminal series 10,000 meter to measure current, normal should display 0. 00ma, when useful electrical work, current 0. 03ma to 0. 6ma displayed.

1. Check the lighting system, lights, brake lights, brake lights and shift lights and Interior lights, door lights are turned off.

2. Automobile engine cover lights, trunk lights are turned off.

3. Alarm check, dismantle the alarm current.

4. Check the air conditioning system, blower, electric fans, air conditioning switch is closed.

5. Electrical power cords take the iron, when a used electric wire break the skin, take the iron, electrical appliance does not work, should be individually excluded from the point of failure.

car power factors during the repair process, should be aimed at electrical equipment excluded one by one.