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Car wiper winter frost

Wipers may be small, but it plays a very important role in bad weather. Because the windshield wiper is to ensure normal operation of sight clear and necessary conditions for safe driving, so regular checking and maintenance wiper is very important. Now in the winter, in this particular season, windshield wiper maintenance also has some special requirements.

first, the windshield washer reservoir filling quantity shall not exceed the capacity of three-fourths. Because the cleaning liquid at low temperatures froze expansion tank filling too full not enough expansion space, may cause damage to the tank.

Secondly, when you add windshield washer fluid, it is best to choose special cleaning liquid, do not use tap water. If you use tap water in summer and in winter, it is best to replace it, because tap water contains minerals may clog the windscreen washer pipe. And, when the temperature dropped to below freezing point, water solution freezes frozen liquid can damage the windshield washer system.

again, some car owners for hooking, radiator antifreeze instead of special windshield washer fluid, in fact, the easy way, can damage the windscreen washing system and the vehicle's Paint.

in addition, silicone traces on the glass cannot be removed. Therefore, do not use on the windshield polishes containing silicone. Do not use solvents, gasoline or paint thinner to clean wiper blades. Once the Wiper Blade hard, brittle or crack or smear dirt on the windshield when, must be timely replacement of the Wiper Blade.