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Winter driving precautions

Low winter temperatures, slippery, snow Frost seriously affect vision. On a normal start, driving and driver safety operations will have a serious impact.  

the following considerations for some winter driving, for your reference.  

1) changing the oil and oil filter: causes-winter machine wear badly, is important to ensure good lubrication, northern winter you might want to replace it with low-viscosity engine oil.  

2) confirm the low temperature performance of engine cooling water:  engine coolant .  causes a certain degree of freezing point, requires the freezing point of coolant on the ground once the outdoor minimum temperature below 15 degrees in the winter .  ice,  cooling water circulation system will break the water tank, and maintenance costs.  

3) fill windshield cleaning fluid before each travel.   Reason:  the windshield while driving in the winter because of rain and snow in the window forming a layer of ice,  seriously affect vision, impact safe driving. Windscreen washing fluids .  sometimes with ice in the winter with them, constantly spraying windscreen washing fluids de-icing.--There are about your safety.  

4) tire:  tire grip is essential to safe driving. Tire tire line will have worn,  consider whether new tires slippery,  good .  winter tires is all the more important.  ,&Nbsp; can also be appropriate if snow and ice days lower tire pressure, in order to further improve tire grip.  

5) check lights and poor visibility headlight,  winter,  especially in the heat of the human body on the windshield to form a layer of mist, ,  seriously affect visibility in the headlights more and more important. Recommends that the bright lights during the day.  

6) try to drive each time you fill the tank, especially snow days. winter driving slow,  traffic,  could use more oil than usual.   Is more,  the winter road between the tire and the friction coefficient decreases, so that the tire grip to reduce.   Increase,  vehicle weight to improve the grip of the wheel,  .  rear-wheel drive, suggested in the trunk and 100 kg weight,  press,  rear wheel make it difficult to slip.  

7) car to put an empty tin cans, candles,  take lighters or matches (for heating), ,  old overcoat or blanket put on some warm gloves, high energy foods, such as chocolate,  torch,  windshield ice scraper, boot cable,  field shovel fixture. In case of cars stuck on the road, you will find that these things are very useful.  

8) do not suddenly accelerate, slow down, turn,  guaranteed longer than usual following distance, reduce speed.  

9) brakes use brake,  car with ABS without ...  

10) slippery areas, downhill,  turn,  as low as possible. (2 to 3)  

11)   bridge,  River and Lake,  where regular gas is heavier due to low winter temperature,  water vapour mixes with the road forms an invisible layer of thin ice – commonly known as black ice .  car black ice most likely to trouble .  in this section to be more careful, slow down.  

12) snow each winter freezes the front car crash a few days most of the day. in this kind of weather, try to get on the bus is running,  to parking or an empty practice laps on the way to speed up,  brake,  turn,  find out. in this way will increase your confidence ...  

13) prevent gasoline freeze: try to select a good gas station,  and tank driving. In the morning in the North, cars often cannot start,  If the battery is good, then, that pipeline are frozen. Because the gasoline or the water in the tank will freeze. Gas station is old,  leakage in underground oil tanks, water content in gasoline is high. When the water in the tank is too high, you can buy some water methanol (high concentrations of methanol) into the tank.  

14)   check the batteries. Low temperatures will greatly reduce battery performance. Clear compound electrode,  make sure that the electrodes have a good contact with cable of the battery.  

15) starts to wait for minutes let the car warm up and then open 2-3. -After the heat of the exhaust duct, or when the engine speed reaches normal driving.  

16) at any time was combative,  don't,  know, ,  best drivers are safe drivers