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Older drivers teach you how snow removal and care

The snow turned the us into a world of beautiful white, but for new drivers, face covered with a thick layer of snow car, might find it interesting, but feel helpless. How snow to get rid of this? Snow vehicles need special care? Driving in the snow on the posterior surface needs to pay attention to what issues? To this end, the reporter interviewed a number of older drivers.

with a soft plastic Clearing snow

according to the old driver introduced, the windshield when the snow is thick, you can't use wiper scraping directly, the best on the market you can buy a car with a snow shovel snow out.

If there is no snow removal shovel, you can use a car Duster car top, doors and other large areas of preliminary cleared of snow, and then carefully with a soft plastic or cloth Windows, mirrors and door handles, snow shovels out. When cleared to gently scrape and wipe, and can only move in the same direction, do not scrape back and forth to prevent the residue on the glass hard scratch glass.

reminder: be sure to clean up the snow, or snow easier to freeze, frozen Keyhole Windows, jets of water, and so on. Moreover, after the car with a duster in the water to prevent freezing, Duster should be kept in a dry and ventilated place to dry, and then put back.

of course, if you already know from weather forecast that there will be snow, you can use a simpler approach: spread on a layer of newspaper on the vehicle in advance, carefully peel off the newspaper after the snow, thus saving a lot of work.

snow car wash promptly

some owners believe that if you do not use it after the snow, there is no need to rush to clean up the snow, this idea is wrong. Car white snow looks very gentle, but it contains a lot of acid, alkaline or salt and other corrosive substances, especially in areas with poor air quality harmful substances contained in the snow more.

If it is not clear, it will erode the paint so external bright enamel loses luster. Therefore, the owner can best Park in the snow immediately after washing the car, even if the weather forecast and snow within the next few days, nor towing wash cars. To reduce the corrosive material damage to the paint, if after a few days without snow, the owner can give the vehicle after the car wash wax or sealing glaze to protect the paint.

car wash taped block eye

after washing it is best to request car wash to dry your car, if you fail to do dried, it should also open the doors and Windows, wipe up water in a timely manner, to prevent the doors, Windows and mirrors the residual water ice. If frozen, don't worry, you can drive to the basement, parking garage where the temperature slightly higher, naturally opened after more than 10 minutes. In addition, if you rinse with water guns, water is easy to freeze into the keyhole.

washing the car, it is best to stick taped Keyhole to prevent water. If freezes do not forcibly twist the key, this may break keys. Can have a key with a lighter roast, it is easy to freeze the lock open.