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Surprising four strokes

&Nbsp;    , SOAP to clean leather seats.

leather scratch hard objects, and even more corrosion of chemical cleaning agent. Car beauty shops in the past to do cleaning, detergent foam class, after drying the leather hard, and there is a small crack. After a master guide, use corrosive tiny transparent SOAP, stain not only good, but after drying the leather soft and shiny. Is done with a clean soft towel and warm water to soak, SOAP appropriate amount on the towel, and then gently wipe the seats (fold can be repeatedly wiping). At this point, if the towels get dirty, prove that decontamination had significant effect. Wipe SOAP air dry after cleaning the wet wash cloth twice with a SOAP. This method of decontamination, leather clean and fluffy, fresh as new. This law also applies when the door trim and instrument panel plastic parts. The reason is that SOAP (SOAP) strong decontamination, and stimulate the skin, more practical for real leather.

Second, to toothpaste to remove scratches.

light inadvertently surfaced road car paint scratches, the owner went to the auto detailing shop Sha La does not push, I have for years is polished to take toothpaste remove minor scratches, works well. Approach is to first rinse it scratches, and then take a clean cloth or towel, dip repeatedly at the scratch gently rub the toothpaste, after treating the scratches disappear or decrease with a wet towel to dry. The reason is simple, itself is a kind of abrasive cleaning teeth toothpaste, not to hurt the paint more won't hurt.

third, the wind to self-adhesive stickers.

car sticker on the windshield of a variety of permits are extremely difficult to remove. After watching the CCTV live show sudden thought, coated in self-adhesive stickers on the back wind (thick one), moments after the shade to dry cloth to rub off, leaving no trace. This law applies to all sorts of paste adhesive label on the product. Because wind can melt pressure-sensitive active substances. If there is no wind, can replace toothpaste, just slightly less.

four dip, talcum powder dissolve the door seals knots.

car door seals wet after the rain and paint adhesion, doors not suitable with "Squeak" sound. Can be used a talcum powder (baby prickly heat powder can also be used) onto door rubber joints, the symptoms disappear, open and shut freely, there is no sound. This method is suitable for refrigerator, freezer door seal noise at home.