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Auto paint curing knowledge

Many loving owners the most confusing was presented with a variety of film advertising, only to see pay friends, only short lacquered gloss.

actually overall market on car paint surface conservation beauty of technology and the process are not specification, let most unlikely industry who beauty its name is on car paint polishing, is on paint surface do excesses of grinding and torn, more exaggerated of is excessive publicity beauty coated film of Earth, makes customer errors thought spent money on can like invincible VEHICROSS as sword not into, any by roadside shop improper wash car, and the with acid alkali quality high of inferior chemical material removal pollution, some owners even think coated has film will can face pollution, as iron powder, and lime, and tar, and tree ester,, In fact these pollution if not removed in a timely manner, will be irreparably paint defaced.

new focus except will to love owners right of paint surface nursing knowledge outside, by using of beauty material from United States of high-end chemical factory, is States airlines long-term using of, quality reliable, construction process are after Longwave lamp of check, according to paint surface injury of degree decided grinding material and the construction way, makes paint surface in grinding of process loss minimum, and construction Qian and the construction Hou will has metering instrument confirmed light degrees to ensure technician construction of quality, completed repair Hou also will with infrared shortwave lamp baking, makes glaze quickly dry hard, As long as owners usually wash the car care, brightness is maintained for six months a year without problems, of course pollution of paint we use environmental chemical materials without harming the paint removal.

new focus the event specifically to launch fire glaze and Rong Ka statue of diamond glaze and gold, with almost 60 percent of the price to meet the car's looks forward to, let your car become the new focus on the road, and of course Taiwan expert lectures every weekend you are welcome to exchange views.