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Beware of car pollution

Recently, the Shanghai indoor environmental technology and products exhibition and Forum held in Shanghai. As cars become a way of life, indoor pollution, the in-car air pollution has become "responsible" one. In particular some car manufacturers to use China's car pollution regulations, blank, non-environmentally friendly interior materials and raw materials, causing chemical substances such as benzene, formaldehyde in the air inside the car greatly exceeded the cars better sealing, secondary pollution has become increasingly serious, in-car air pollution has become a cancer, leukemia, swollen, deformed babies, bad in the first place.

"mouth" has become a "gas". In this exhibition, the participating manufacturers have introduced products for in-car air pollution. Shanghai Bina environmental protection technology co, one of the main exhibitors launched dedicated to in-car air purifier products? D? D? D vehicles with technological treasure. The company General Manager Huang Anhong said, Shanghai Beiner, achieved a breakthrough in the two core technologies, such as dynamic antiseptic technique, using a natural broad spectrum bactericidal germicidal plant extracts of Crystal, has a long duration, high sterilization rate characteristic of current Shanghai Municipal Center for disease control found that had been made. In the strong adsorption removal technology, and Fudan University and the National Centre for nanotechnology research and development cooperation, developing high absorption rate of nanometer polymeric materials, within a two-hour formaldehyde adsorption rate of 64% of benzene adsorption rate of 99%.