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Using toilet paper roll in the car in addition to the tide

Dry all winter climate, with drizzling rain wet gradually over these two days. Enjoy the life-giving spring breeze brings "moist", while owner Wang hit a difficult thing. On Wednesday night, Mr King drove home early, somehow forgot to close the window, under sudden rain falls all night, makes the car of Mr Wang wet all over, not only "bitter" leather seats, foot was caught in the rain near a reality. This will give Mr Wang heartburn, rainwater into leakage will not cause any damage to cars in the car? Leather seats after wet how to deal? How can wet compartment quickly restored dry it?

rain has little effect in the car

according to Mr Wang, Guoqing Sun explained of the car for many years, to water bodies is now rare, mainly because the car is equipped with drainage holes. Typically, large area inside the car drifted into rain water does not damage to the car, it will not affect the vehicle's mechanical systems, or pose a threat to System. Because the circuit has covered wire for protection. In contrast, car speakers will vary depending on location and whether the rain and to suffer a certain impact. If the speaker damp, to make it to the professional network for maintenance.  

toilet paper roll dehumidification

to accumulate a large amount of moisture inside the car after the rain, Guoqing Sun must be removed as soon as possible, or prone to mildew. Time to dry after rain the car's electrical components, conditional use fans to dry the car in case of partial short circuit circuit wiring. Periodically check the windshield before water tank drainage is smooth to avoid rain water causing the engine inlet. Best buy a simple desiccant cartridge inside the car, or put a roll of toilet paper can also play a dehumidification effect. After the fine, leave your car in the shade, open all the doors and the trunk, let the air out the car, rows of moisture. Meanwhile, car pedal pads, chair covers to remove the wash to dry.

leather seats should be maintenance

professional reminded car owners, if leather seats in a car after being wet, not exposure or use hair dryer to blow dry, it is easy to damage the leather, cotton paper, soft towel or air dry, and then apply a layer of Polish on it. In addition, usually to develop habits of leather seats for regular maintenance, which not only maintain the cleanliness of the leather seats, while also greatly extending the life of the leather seats.

in General, maintenance of the leather seats once a month is appropriate. Maintenance, select strong detergency, soft, not to hurt leather professional leather soft cleaner wipe cleaning, the professional leather soft cleaner available at auto supply store. Leather Soft cleaner wipe finish also available blow dry. Needs to be emphasized is that normally clean the seat to use normal detergent can, recommend alkaline cleaning agents, do not use chemical cleaning agent for cleaning.

Finally, Guoqing Sun also recommends that maintenance is best not to use leather protector, protector leather will become dependent, such as stop using cortical surface will be bleak. In addition, usually have to take care that the leather seats away from cigarette butts and other sources of heat in summer to avoid exposure, in addition to car sun protection film affixed, also can add shade curtains, cushion covers. Usually parking time, try to choose a shady Park to avoid faded, cracked leather.