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Season Spring car care story

Spring, flowers, also has the most vibrant time of year. All the fans can enjoy warm spring sunshine at the same time, don't forget to give your car a seasonal maintenance. This month's "fans the world" featured several essential maintenance method for everyone, owner friends according to their needs and choose the good.

air conditioning inspection and ultimately

in order for the smooth start of the air conditioning in the summer, to be early to check the air conditioning, if found should be repaired in a timely manner. Auto repair experts, owners can sense through heating vessel to test the limits of air conditioning and refrigeration, flat and normal temperature as long as you can, otherwise we will be professional service stations to carry out checks and maintenance. General automotive air conditioning limited refrigeration is relatively fixed, as Toyota series car can reach 5 ℃-7 ℃, Jetta and other European cars can be up to 4 degrees Celsius.

glazing plastics to advance

Sandy Spring in Beijing a large car at high speed and splashed little stones and spring common insects body fluids is paint damage. According to experts, automobile paint after sealing glaze brightness and hardness will have greatly improved, cars can look. For car chassis plastics, can play a role in protecting chassis against impact, corrosion, can also to some extent isolated from noise. If it is a new car, but should carry out maintenance in advance.

most important interior disinfection

owners of little Windows open for ventilation air in the winter, and amassed a large number of bacteria inside the car. Bacteria, viruses, easy to breed in the spring, so this season the car a thorough disinfection is necessary. First of all, through high-temperature steam air conditioning vents equal corner angles, seats, Interior stain removed; then with an exclusive interior cleaning agent on the console, doors and other parts for cleaning and disinfection. Reminding owners to use neutral detergent for cleaning, and cleaning to avoid audio, radio, CD and other electrical equipment into the water and corrosion.  

air filter needs to be replaced

Auto air filter equivalent to the human nose, air enters the engine through the first line of "checkpoint", its role is to filter out the air in the wind as well as suspended particles, which cause the air entering the engine to clean, so that the engine is working properly. Spring contains more dust and sand in the air, air filter is easily blocked, then the engine will appear difficult to start, idle and other symptoms. General car air filter check 10000 km, 20000 km replacement again.  

spring should be checked before

auto repair experts remind us that in spring outing before the first check brake system, their first feel the braking systems if there is abnormal, the reaction is sensitive. Also check whether there is a foreign body or above the damaged areas, also check tire wear marks line has worn the tag line to the tire replacement in a timely manner. Secondly is to listen to the car chassis and other parts are there abnormal sound when in operation, whether there is a leak, check the drive belt for damage, brake oil, gearbox oil, engine oil, power steering oil, antifreeze fluid level is normal, need to replace the oil, water, to be replaced in a timely manner.