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Drive away the wheels do

Readers call Miss XING said: my friend asked me a question, said the drive off the wheel do? I think for a long time without a proper method and had to come here for advice from experts.

expert answers: If you run out of front wheel, should be allowed and controlled in speed cases careful braking, relies on the rear brake to reduce the speed of the car, reducing the degree of risk, and then as soon as possible, pull over to the curb. But the front off wheel is too dangerous, can save, depends on the speed of the car at that time, a driver he, according to the actual situation of judgment and reaction speed, and so forth.  

 ?? If it is a rear wheel, the situation is slightly better when drivers and control the car's direction, careful braking at the same time, turn on the light, as soon as possible to the curb.   If, after inspection found no obvious damage to front and rear axles and suspension system, drivers can be put on the spare tire, try to hit the road, if there are no spare parts and when you lose two or more nuts, from the other three each round removing one nut on the wheel to temporarily fix the wheel, auto return promptly after completing the missing nuts.  

 ?? When I first started, car is not like it used to be light. This is because the deformation of wheel, grinding resistance the result of running part of the way a little bit better. To find the nearest repair depot repair as soon as possible is the best policy.

the safest practice is to take precautionary measures, just before boarding, take a look at the fixing nuts of the wheel is loose you can basically put an end to this phenomenon. If lazy, pedal tire and feel it whether there are signs of loosening, it is even more insurance. Develop this habit, round danger will miss you.