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Foil needed to avoid consumer traps

With the growing Chinese automobile consumption, sales of car solar films unprecedented hot. But the situation is not optimistic, foil market a mixed bag, fake and inferior products flooding the market and consumers is hard to tell what's real, choices become a bad thing. Therefore, identification of specially invited professional technicians automotive solar films of common sense, and installation considerations.  

United States brand ≠ United States native

United States native solar films only a few brands in the Chinese market, the market of "United States brand" in fact most are registered in South-East Asia, these OEM products cost less than a hundred, of inferior quality. Labeled United States label, suddenly became "international brand", the price once surged several times or even more than 10 times. Lack of consumer car foil common sense out of the "United States brand" trust deceived, sometimes occurs.

Security markers ≠ security

when buying car solar films, many owners of the watermark on the film as a brand film an important basis for security. In fact only China and Korea in the sale have tamper-solar film. In order to cater to China's consumption habits, some United States brands in China export product was printed on the tag, such as the United States long film, it will be "LLumar" printed on the adhesive protective film, but in the United States long film, domestic sales of the product does not have any security token. So there are no security token is not the only standard to determine its authenticity.

higher ≠ better membrane

facing the huge price gap on the market Sun films (ranging from about 300 to 9000), consumers made a whispered: what should I buy film? How much is appropriate? Current directly from the United States imported a professional brand film vehicle glass film prices are generally more than 2000 Yuan. On the market and see hundreds of the vehicle as low as dozens of film, are generally from South-East Asia or domestically produced poor-quality film or a fake film, which not only poor insulation, anti-UV performance, and warranty cards are also generally unable to provide. Five thousand or six thousand even eight thousand or nine thousand the price seems a bit expensive so far, solar film is good or bad is not entirely depend on the price.

"selected film tricks"

1. If it is clear that the origin and manufacturer information. In General, the United States native film makes it clear that the origin of the Sun, manufacturers and their Web sites, owners can identify their live on the Internet.

2. learn to choose brand, famous brand manufacturer has a set of quality assurance system, products are subject to stringent testing before delivery, provided indicator data are accurate. As famous brand not only has good quality, more perfect after-sale service system.

3. Select a professional qualification and a good reputation and brands authorized construction mount the Auto store film in Hong Kong is vital, not only does this solar film quality can be guaranteed, the construction process and the result after the film is certainly.