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Hidden fault in details

Gas as a power control unit of the car, it's called throttle but it does not directly control the car's oil, car oil volume is controlled by the throttle opening, throttle opening degree affect the engine computer fuel injection quantity calculation, so as to control the car starting, acceleration, overtaking, oil and a series of actions.

first, if the driving feel when you step on the gas pedal and touching, the card issuer, at this time due to dirty throttle or throttle cable due to lack of lubrication, then you need to do some cleaning and lubrication.

Second, when refueling, or quick response if the throttle is not usually feel boring of the engine, then you should go to the pits to check the spark plug, injector and throttle and see if spark plug needs to be replaced or cleaned throttle body and injectors.

brakes as a key part of the car, it works good and bad is directly related to our vehicles and personal security must not be belittled. Then, when we were in the usual brakes, how to find out hidden dangers?

first, the stall when you step on the brake pedal, the brake pedal must have sufficient hardness and high, and in the case of forced step up still, brake pedal, should not have any feeling of slipping. If the brake pedal down their legs feel it is timely to the depot to check and see if the brake system where the oil spill occurred.

Second, pressed the brake pedal after starting the vehicle should not have one foot in the end, you should immediately repairing the brake system.

third, when you start the vehicle brakes, if after the first foot stepped on a few feet is normal, just minutes after releasing the brake pedal then the first foot stepped on a few feet back to normal, which means your brake system pipes inside air, it is timely to depot for the brake system.

clutch seldom go wrong. But usually also to note several problem: If is pull type of clutch, to note stepped on clutch pedal Shi whether has made card of phenomenon, if exists to check pull whether has wear and picking, phenomenon; if is hydraulic type of clutch, is to note pedal whether in hanging block Shi has cut not open of feel, if exists to check clutch hydraulic system whether has leak oil phenomenon. Another one is to see the clutch stepped on higher and higher and slipping, where you need to check that the clutch is replaced.

one of the most important controls are on the steering wheel as the car, it can suggest many things.

first, if the steering wheel is shaking in a speed at 80 to 90 kilometers, this signal is usually prompt you to do tire dynamic balance.

Second, when the play are turning dull, this phenomenon may well be steering tie rod end or steering bearing fits too tight caused by a shortage of oil or, there might be due to inadequate tyre pressure should be timely maintenance.