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Accident prone to cheap used tires may not be used shall not be

Accident is often unexpected, sometimes is man-made. For our safety, please do not buy used tires and used.

cheap used tires very good business reporters in the interview that, although the use of used tires can cause serious consequences, but many places have used tyres sold and business is very good. In many brands of tires store, there are many customers out of old tires, many of which seem new, and if people want to buy, these tires new tires will be equivalent to 10 percent-20 percent of the price.

at present a lot of 4S shops operated by the used-car business, relies on two main ways to make money, selling used cars; the other is selling used car parts, sell used car parts is a hidden income. Rather than the normal channels of business, the situation is even more confusing.

sell used car tires, is a way to sell used car parts. For example: when buying used cars in General, and to acceptance of the tire, and when you see the tire looks better quality, shift workers will not increase, on the contrary, when poor tire appearance pattern, will be lower car prices.

introduce a tire shop owner, small retailers, pick out the less serious wear of tyres, wholesale used tire dealers all over again. In accordance with the directions, this reporter went to a tire store. The tire shop and other stores, selling second-hand tyres as well as new tires, but selling secondhand tires site bigger, more tires. A coolie of the store told reporters that their tires are original goods, origin is France, and Germany and Japan, some even up to "90%", and each 150~250 Yuan. Journalists ask a 90% a new 195/65/15 model how much the tires, they offer 180 yuan, while the same brand, size, new tires in their stores to sell 600. Gong said the original tires from Guangdong into goods, "quality was much better than domestic tyres". Reporters saw these tires look new, but the date was 2006 years ago.

"used tires" quality what? Put together two tires, scrap car tire tread pattern than "used tires" tread pattern.

cheap small car for "used tires", equivalent to put on an "irregular", especially during the summer at highway speeds. On one hand, the pressure inside the tyre will increase on the other, under pressure of ply and rubber tread will be in the case of thermal expansion of strength, definitely increased risk of tire. Excellent used car network alerts you if the car on the new one "used tires", the car would not balance, not only likely to exacerbate other tire wear, and also increase the early damage to other parts of the car, accidents may occur at any time.