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Different nose and asked out of the car with a small nose

Small nose   different   nose ask auto

Shanghai Shanghai-Nanjing Automobile rental company driver smell can identify cars "whack". A car tens of thousands of parts that are formed, and each parts work normally smell is very small, but once a site occurs when abnormal wear or consumption of spare parts, it will send out some odor, so sitting in the car, may wish to draw on the nose, timely identification cars "whack".  


If the car there was a plastic paste, mostly due to overheating of electrical lines. But the wires burned, generally accompanied by the phenomenon of local smoke or local heating, careful check be sure to find the source.  

If you smell in driving non-metallic materials burnt smell, usually clutch friction disc burning or overheating. If the clutch is normally to use, and there's no obvious gear or starting difficulties, and so on, get off and smell the smell does not come from the front, but the rear of the car, then check whether the brake system overheating.  

oil mixture taste  

smelled oil must be careful. As oil and gasoline has a flash point are not the same, so there will be so-called "blue smoke" phenomenon, which is not normal. In addition, the valve may also be oil burning of engine wear. The aging pipeline leakage of some vehicles, it may also be drops of engine oil to the engine or the exhaust tube, emitting a burst of oil and could result in a fire. Need to inspect the car into the repair shop.  


If you always smell when driving there is no smell of burning gasoline, commonly known as the "source" must be confirmed at the first spill site and severity in order to move on.  

vehicles after long, pipeline road could age crazing, slightly bumped or pressure changes in the pipe, fuel could leak from these parts. So when the exception when you smell petrol fumes, immediately put out the cigarettes in the car fire, moreover, if the tank hit by accidents, leakage may also be made without burning gasoline used chewing gum stuck in oil spills.