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Short driving concern with fire car rental industry

In recent years, short distance driving much hikers of all ages, many people like to use weekend time to the urban perimeter play. For car owners, driving is not easy to want to go, but for those of you who still don't have a car, car rental is perhaps the most convenient and fastest way to travel, and car rental services are also recognized and sought after by consumers. Of course, the service of each car rental company is different, all have their own special service. After all, only launch featured car rental can really attract the consumer's attention. Changchun Golden car service limited to models, car handling, low prices, consumers won a good reputation.

it is understood that the Shanghai Shanghai-Nanjing Automobile leasing company, relies on groups of various car brands 4S shop, with many rental cars. Past the traditional rental model is too tedious, while Shanghai Shanghai-Nanjing Automobile leasing company to provide consumers with rent for sale, long term rent, zero rent, nanny car rental service, has created a simple and convenient car rental model, allows consumers to easily rent a pleasure trip, consumers can save a lot of time. To rent a consignment service, consumers are only responsible for driving time back to the company maintenance, other companies were responsible for all matters (routine maintenance, insurance), nanny service for consumers. Zero service is to provide consumers with cheap bed and empty car rentals, car rentals, a business leader and an airport welcome service. In addition, two special models were launched a day, where rental cars, free insurance, at no extra charge, you can also sent a cab contract in the urban areas. Recently launched to rent for sale, buy sell special cars are a whole new set of svw Chi chun, it is understood that these cars are down, who, at the end of the licence, insurance compulsory insurance, lease price is cheaper than naked in the 4S shop to buy a car.