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To your wallet – oil, regular maintenance

If a flat tire and spark plug wear and air filter blockage can lead to gasoline consumption. In addition, engine timeless, tips in the choice of lubricating oil and removal of carbon.

1, check tire system

insufficient air pressure can increase the friction of the tire and the ground, increase fuel consumption, so check tire pressure often, different models have different pressure and tire standards. In addition, if tire wear when slipping occurs and increases fuel consumption and, if necessary, to replace the tire.

2, pay attention to always check brake system

some cars will appear slightly dragging brake,, including hand brake, driving heavier cars load, will increase fuel consumption, so should be inspected regularly.

3, regular maintenance, and replacement parts

air filter, fuel filter, oil filter every 5000 km or more need to be replaced, because air filter clog the gas causes reduced petrol combustion is not sufficient, to reduce fuel efficiency.

wear on the clutch plates, clutch pressure plate, spark plugs used for far too long, fuel consumption also appears to increase the phenomenon, so it must be periodically replaced.

4, reducing the load

to minimize unused junk in the trunk.

power transmission, first of all, from the engine to the gearbox, again from the drive shaft to the driving wheel, let the car move forward, the amount of power output, depending on the gas pedal to stomp on them. Fuel point of view, with a minimum power output, the fastest speed, of course, will have the highest efficiency. To your wallet – regular maintenance of fuel.