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How to properly dress drive

How to wear clothes drive!

    with the accelerating pace of life, many white-collar workers are used to drive to work, for them, interior space is a reflection of personal taste, I found, inadvertently, these full of exotic habits will affect traffic safety.

     hidden one: use woolly steering wheel cover trim steering wheel

     risk: this is the same and the dangers of driving gloves, woolly steering wheel covers to use after a period of time, feel good, at the same time, the friction will be reduced. So, when faced with an emergency situation, steering wheel control is bad.

     risks II: suspended in a cute doll

     hazard: the suspension at the front and rear windshield of gingerbread in driving from side to side, easier to block the line of sight. Meanwhile, before the windshield above the rear seats not backpacks, hand bags and other (torture) items such as toys, in emergency braking, these items have the potential to fly forward injured the driver, when backing can also compromise driver's sight.

     hidden three: driving in high heels

     risk: women drivers had an accident, associated with the shoes. Wearing high heels driving, controls brakes without focus. Some women wear high heels even prone to sticking brake pedal. Recommendations like women wearing high heels, a pair of flat shoes in the car.

     hidden four: Add cushion to the Chair

     danger: many women Petite, used to pad a cushion in the driver's seat. Because the seat is active, however, likely to cause unstable drivers body, when faced with an emergency brake, the forward inertia of the body easily slips from the seat the driver unable to sit in the driver's seat, body hit the steering wheel.

     hidden five: not wearing a seat belt

     risks: the dangers of not wearing a seat belt is known, especially some women because of work demands, more exquisite than be belts crumpled clothes, so there are chances without a seat belt. In addition, women most often wear chest ornaments, you in case of emergency braking, likely resulting in fractures of the sternum and other serious injuries.

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