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Spring is coming! A ticket when calculating ticket fare

Real-name system, spring comes, Shanghai-Nanjing rental cars, need to buy tickets for members of the public are reminded, calculation method for train tickets

1, determine type of train: express train, local train  

2, determine air conditioning features: air conditioning, no air conditioning in the train   train;

price comparison table 3, mileage: 1 and 2 on the basis of the first type of train and air conditioning feature; then a query to determine the mileage between the station of departure and destination, the train price comparison table in the left column to find you the mileage belongs to which the length of the query interval, then look to the right of the train type, and vertical and horizontal cross is the train fare between the two places.  

4, the query page: Please click on the links below to see specific mileage, fare type comparison table: [  train ticket  ] [  train sleeper fares  ] [  air-conditioned train fare  ] [    air conditioning sleeper train fares;]

5: according to the tariffs and arrival ticket fare mileage, calculated according to the passenger fare table. Box car ticket fare, calculated according to the hard seat tickets at half price. Private hard sleeper fares, respectively, calculated according to the normal hard sleeper, lower fares plus 30%. Air-conditioned vehicles, except otherwise prescribed by the Canton-Kowloon Railway line, according to air conditioning costs calculation, lie respectively, 15% of advanced soft sleeper fare calculation.


6:  new air ticket fares on the passenger fare table of new air-conditioned buses used in some calculations.


7:  students, disabled veterans by suburb, when the boxcars are still calculated according to the hard seat tickets at half price, no sale.


8: minimum fare mileage tickets: tickets by 20 kilometers, accelerated by 100 km, sleepers by 400 km (except otherwise provided in the special section).