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Advocate large cars of Shanghai road traffic safety bar "the Green Ribbon"

57 cm long, 5 cm wide, bright lime green, printed with "civilization crossing safety guaranteed unobstructed" logo "green ribbons", will be gradually increased on the streets in Shanghai in the near future. At noon yesterday, the municipal spiritual civilization Office, traffic police corps and other departments planned traffic civilization initiated public action, held at caoxi road public transport hub. News from events, the city's first batch of 3,000 buses will wear a "green ribbons", add color to promote Shanghai road traffic safety.

traffic safety "Green Ribbon" charity event a month ago has got positive response from four major taxi companies in Shanghai. Traffic control Department revealed that yesterday's public advocacy focuses on objects, are buses, large construction vehicles and private cars. Passenger from the bus public transport representatives indicated that unannounced visits by the public in the near future, they found that the bus 127, 145 and 42 individual vehicles, turning right at the junction fails to yield to pedestrians on zebra crossings, and this seemingly common bus driving behavior, is "green" actions to rectify uncivil behaviors. The same day, with the exception of two 49 bus on behalf of the city's passenger vehicles, the first in the window hangs on "Green Ribbon", the municipal Bureau of greening the city received 500 pieces to the activity party "green ribbons". It is reported that this 500 pieces of "Green Ribbon" will eventually hang in major projects represented by the dump truck vehicle. These kinds of cars, it is in the public eye, poor civilized to drive word of mouth "spur" object.