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New weirdo transformers real life cars unmanned autonomous navigation

New weirdo transformers real life cars unmanned autonomous navigation

: United Kingdom researchers at Oxford University have developed an unmanned, autonomous robot car. The £ 2 million worth of new robot car uses a "drone" technology, equipped with laser scanners, without driver, autonomous navigation.

scientists involved in the research and development work, the car may end up "the pain and cost of eliminating traffic jams", because the robot car will monitor traffic, can remind each other to avoid the congested road ahead. They say that tired drivers can even give automatic driving, you can take a NAP.

researchers involved in the study said, the navigation system is far superior to traditional satellite navigation, because it is more accurate to within a fraction of an inch. This car can be independent of other vehicles and obstacles.

it has two sets of "electronic eye" and sensors. Mounted on top of the car can rotate the laser scanner in the car at a high rate in the process of monitoring the environment and "drawing" to form a three-dimensional image. Laser scanners mounted on the bumper also play a track road and the surrounding environment.

the roof is also equipped with a stereo camera, took 20 high-definition pictures per second, making the car itself can determine the distance between vehicles travelling in the same direction and speed.

in a car trunk with a powerful 16-core computer. Coordination between this computer and the sensor together to play a role.


    under the chassis of the car was loaded with another PC, it is like an electronic "brains" that takes information from the laser scanner, and updated road condition and environment "image" (forward, stop, start), without driver.